21- We Consciously Consume

Who is the woman who consumes consciously?  

The Conscious Consumer is the woman who intentionally chooses to consume or participate in only that which promotes a healthy, positive life in every area of living.

For example, when a woman decides she wants to create a healthy lifestyle she begins by changing her eating habits. 

She swears off sugar, bread and processed foods. She practices portion control and stops with the late night binging, the mindless snacking and second helpings. She commits to an exercise routine or daily walks.

What if we took this same process and applied it to other areas of our lives?

You become selective of who you spend time with or follow on social media committed to avoiding anyone who thrives on drama, gossip or divisiveness.

You become aware of who you share your ideas and desires with, intentionally ignoring the negative naysayers, haters, pessimists, dream killers and emotional vampires.

Your sacred inner circle consists of only those who genuinely support you, believe in you, are happy for you when you win and gentle but honest with you even when the words sting yet contain life-changing truth.

When you becomes conscious of what you daily consume, your life can’t help but improve. Any excess of any kind will melt away with every decision on what you dine on emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Because our internal world determines our external world, it’s just a matter of time until life will reflect what we choose to consume, good or bad.

This week we consume consciously, choosing only those beliefs, relationships, social media friends, events and activities that encourage better living, energy and nourishment, physically and emotionally and eliminating the rest.

Sandra Hubbard:  Speaker/Writer/Transformational Coach

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