Her Father’s Eyes

When we encounter ugly, mean or rude people and they look into our eyes, who do they see?  Who do we resemble?

The snippy waiter, the unkind lady in the checkout line, a family member or friend having a bad day, who do they see when they see us after spouting off hurtful words that cut us deeply?

Do they see kindness, grace or flashes of anger?  Unexpected nasty behavior can throw us off emotionally and spiritually. 

It’s easy to forget that everyone is a living, breathing creation of God with their own story and we often walk into that story with no idea what chapter they’re currently in.

It’s only natural to respond defensively to snarky, stinging words and feel justified. 

But what if instead we took a deep breath, reined in our emotions and practiced kindness, showering grace on them instead of fiery words?

We look them in the eye, recognize they too are God’s children, imperfect yet unconditionally loved just as we are and we smile or at the very least remain silent.

We don’t judge, criticize, look down or lash out. 

We don’t make their struggle about us.

We don’t tell them to “Get over it” because honestly we don’t know what “it” really is. 9 times out of 10 “it” goes much deeper than we know.

Grace doesn’t come with conditions but is given by God in abundance to anyone who asks, just like wisdom.  Both are free and ours for the taking.

God is extremely patient when we ignore or are just plain rude to Him.

What if we pass that patience on?  

Kindness doesn’t cost anything yet changes everything. 

When others look into your eyes will they look into eyes filled with forgiveness, compassion, love and mercy and silently be grateful that you have your Heavenly Father’s eyes?

Sandra Hubbard: Speaker/Writer/Transformational Coach 

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