22 – We Perform a Self-Check

In Week 22 of our 52 Weeks of Chic we are going to perform a self-check. 

A self check is when we periodically stop and look within ourselves with honesty, grace and kindness.

So, what is it we are looking for and why even bother looking?

We are looking within ourselves for those traits we find unattractive in others. Any characteristic we might be silently criticizing in others we look for within us.

Just as our yearly female checkups monitor our physical health, self-checks monitor our mental, emotional and spiritual health.  

Self-checks can diagnose unhealed hurts, self-defeating beliefs, destructive habits and unresolved issues that can keep us in stuck, anxious and stagnant.

We can’t change what we refuse to confront and self-checks reveal what needs to be confronted.

Self-checks also keep us humble and remind us of our need for for God’s grace and forgiveness.

I will admit my self-checks have revealed issues and traits I would prefer to ignore but know better. When I leave issues untreated, the emotional infection worsens and spreads quickly and affecting every area of my life. Every single time.

When I catch myself criticizing others I immediately know it’s time for a self-check.

I need to know if I’m doing the very thing I criticize or judge and most often I am.

My self-check reminds me to stay in my lane and work on myself instead of focusing on other’s peoples shortcomings.

A self-check must be performed with complete honesty yet kindness.

Beating ourselves up is destructive. It’s far better to just own the truth as it is and work to change it because this is how we grow.

Self-checks keep us healthy, happy and whole and keep our lives moving in harmony and peacefully.

Self-checks diagnose early symptoms of long term emotional or spiritual diseases.

We can’t seek healing for infections we don’t realize we have. Knowledge is power and self-checks empower us with the knowledge needed to grow and heal.

This week we schedule a self-check.

Sandra Hubbard:  Speaker/Writer/Transformation Coach

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