He’s Not Scared

She’s an outcast.  You know, she’s “that” woman, the subject of rumor and gossip, the woman people pretend not to see while strolling the grocery aisle.  

And he’s the guy people purposely avoid, the man who’s well aware others find him repulsive.

One day this man find outs THE man is passing through who’s able to heal others with just one touch.

Only there’s a problem.  

His “issue” prevents him from being allowed in public.  Social distancing was his normal.  

In Biblical times, lepers were forbidden to mingle with the masses or be hugged or touched for fear of infecting others, banned from society and forced to live in colonies with other infected lepers.  

And while others were afraid of him, Christ wasn’t. 

He isn’t afraid of our issues either.  

Why?  Because instead of defining us by our “illness” He relates and understands it.

He too was rejected and purposely avoided by others. He was familiar with heartache and pain.

“He was despised and rejected— a man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief. We turned our backs on him and looked the other way. He was despised, and we did not care.” Is 53:3.

Instead of being offended by our “infections” or recoiling for fear of becoming infected, He sees an opportunity to embrace and heal.

While others were ready to stone the adulterous woman,  He stood eager to liberate her.  Her sin didn’t scare or offend Him.

Christ knew another woman was on her way to the well.    He knew others intentionally avoided going when“she” was there but not Him.  

He deliberately shows up on a mission to bring forgiveness and freedom to fill the void she’d tried to fill with failed relationships.

People’s issues or social filth didn’t faze Him then and they don’t now. 

He isn’t disgusted by our dirty illnesses and will gladly go where other’s refuse.  He truly looks beyond our faults and sees our needs.

He reaches down and pulls us from the pit others try to keep us in because they’re in it too. 

Our messes, missteps or past sins don’t scare Him. 

In fact, this is when Christ does His best work.  And today healing is just one touch away if we ask.

Because He’s not scared, repulsed, offended or disgusted. Ever.  

Sandra Hubbard: Speaker/Writer/Transformation Coach 

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