23 – We Enjoy Life’s Buffet

In Week 23 of our 52 Weeks of Chic we dine on life’s buffet. 

I love a great buffet with it’s vast array of dishes, delicacies and desserts.  

The idea of filling my plate with only what I love and leaving what I don’t is divine but I have yet to go through any buffet line where I wanted everything. 

Such is life.

Life, like a buffet, is a magnificent assortment of both the tasty and terrible and we get to choose what goes on our plate. 

We can pile our plate high with optimism, faith, elegance, discipline and enthusiasm or we can eat fear, anxiety, excess and excuses.  

This is your plate and you will always be responsible and a reflection of what you dine on.

Buffets are filled with a wide variety of foods so everyone will find something they love and in this life the buffet of opinions, beliefs, goals and interests will vary as well.  

So instead of criticizing the contents of others’ plates of opinions and beliefs we find distasteful, we only focus on what we are mentally feasting on.

This week we commit to filling our life’s plate only with the delicious, nourishing, energizing and hope-giving and leaving the rest. 

If something or someone doesn’t appeal to us, we do not judge, we simply don’t indulge or engage and save that plate space for what we do find appealing.

That’s the beauty and appeal of a buffet. You take what you want and leave the rest.

So give yourself permission today to fill your life only with who and what you love, find beautiful, brings joy, makes you laugh, stirs your soul, inspires, guides and motivates you and leave the rest on the buffet.  

Be so busy piling your own plate with the best of life’s bounty to notice the plates of others.

This week enjoy the buffet!

Sandra Hubbard

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