What’s Your Signature Scent?

You know she’s in the room even before you see her because you smelled her fragrance, her signature scent that has become a part of her. 

My mom’s signature scent is Estee Lauder Private Collection and my sister wore Calvin Klein’s Escape for years. One whiff of either fragrance and they come to mind immediately. 

They each have their signature scent that tells me they are present even when I don’t see them.  

But there’s another “signature scent” a woman possesses that also alerts us to her presence. 

It’s the essence of her heart and character.

She either embodies the sweet fragrance of kindness, compassion and grace or reeks from the foul stench of negativity, possessing a judgmental spirit or a victim mentality. 

Just as we choose our signature fragrance we also get to decide how we want to be perceived even when we aren’t present. 

Every woman has an inner signature scent, be it the fragrant aroma of joy and encouragement or the nasty smell of pessimism, fault-finding and self absorbedness.  

Her scent will refresh you or drain you.  

She’s the friend you want to be around or the one you love but hope you don’t run into often or can only take in small doses.  

She’s the woman who inspires you to step up your game or the one who leaves you emotionally exhausted even after spending just a few minutes together. 

You’ll either want to mentally bathe when she walks off to rid yourself of her poisonous presence or savor the beautiful aroma of her kind, loving  disposition as long as possible. 

Just like choosing that signature fragrance we will become known for, we also get to choose how we want to remembered or discussed when long after we have left the room.

Paul wrote “For we are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing” 2 Cor 2:15. 

So, what is your signature scent?  

Sandra Hubbard

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