24 – We Become Curious

In week 24 of our 52 Weeks of Chic we become curious.  

Did you know success leaves clues?  Neither did I until one Sunday my pastor kindly told me.

And this bit of wisdom became a game-changer for me. 

At the time he said this I was struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, lethargy and mental fog and lacked discipline and consistency.

The path to success has already been paved for us with clues, ideas, inspiration and knowledge only a few clicks or “asks” away. 

One Google search later and I was reading several success stories of women who shared similar struggles and had transformed their bodies, minds and lives. 

Within their stories, I found clues to write my own. 

God ’s Word also is overflowing with stories of success as well as failure and gives a solution to any problem as well as what not to do.

Daniel’s life teaches us how to develop a spirit of excellence and discipline while enduring difficult circumstances. 

Nehemiah’s story shows us a step by step process of how to achieve any goal, one “stone” at a time.  

Esther gives us clues on how to transform ourselves from peasant girl to  palace queen.

Curiosity opens doors and leads to new adventures.  

When we begin asking “how” others have triumphed we too will learn to overcome.

If you know someone who is doing what you want to do or has survived a storm you now find yourself in, ask her how she did it.

How did she lose 20 pounds, climb out of debt and stay out, start her business, acquire selling or leadership skills, move forward after suffering a deep hurt, double her salary or clients or get her degree online while working full time, etc?  

How did she overcome depression or addiction, set boundaries, develop discipline, gain confidence, let go of guilt and shame or forgive?  

Because within her success story are the clues to your own.

When you start searching for answers, answers will show up.

This week we become curious, find clues and write our own success story. 

Sandra Hubbard 

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