25 – We Choose One

In Week 25 of our 52 Weeks of Chic we embrace The Power of One. 

The Power of One means we select one desire, only one, and we direct all of our energy, attention, time, focus and resources to achieving this single desire. 

We choose one goal to reach for, one room to declutter or closet to organize, one credit card to pay off, one home project to complete, one pound to lose – Just one thing –  and we pursue it with passion, commitment, discipline, energy, enthusiasm and abandon. 

Most women myself included tend to try and tackle everything at once. 

We are trying to lose ten pounds, declutter the entire house, start a business, read five books, overhaul our backyard, pay off multiple debts simultaneously etc. The list is endless. 

Multi-tasking is the quickest way to ensure everything gets started but nothing gets completed. 

Taking on everything at once leads to overwhelm, burnout, exhaustion,  anxiety and discouragement.  Every single time. 

By choosing and accomplishing just one goal you are rewarded with confidence, energy and sense of fulfillment and achievement.

It doesn’t matter how many goals you have or their size, big or small, today just choose one then get laser focused on pursuing it. 

Even if you don’t know the full “how” just take one step, one thing you can do today to move the goal closer to completion and the next step will show up.  

It always does because faith when combined with action produces success.  

So this week select JUST ONE thing you want to achieve or experience then give it every ounce your attention, effort, time and resources and take the first step.  

Log off of social media, leave the laundry, turn off the tv and notifications, tune out distractions and just get started. 

This is the Power of One. 

So choose your “one thing” then go for it until you complete it. This is how you win. 

Congratulations in advance for accomplishing your ONE thing!

Sandra Hubbard 

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