Hey That’s Mine

Recently a friend asked me how to achieve a goal she’s had for a long time.

While I never claim to be an expert at anyone’s life but my own, I’m always happy to share lessons learned from personal experience and what I shared with her I am going to share with you today.

One thing I am certain of is this – before even thinking about getting started on any form of growth or change you must first do one thing.

And it’s this – you must take ownership of everything in your life up until now.  

Personally, this is the one step I’d prefer to skip but each time I have I’ve failed to achieve, accomplish or grow.

Taking ownership means we throw away every reason and excuse, all blame of ourselves or others or any attempt to justify bad choices or past failures. 

We own everything we are, the good, bad and the ugly, the cringeworthy moments, the massive successes, the times we shined and the times we fell flat on our faces, we own it all.  This is where we begin again.

Taking ownership of your life requires a strong sense of self. You must know that your value and worthiness aren’t defined by your life choices, mistakes, successes, failures, regrets, wealth or lack. They can only do so if you let them. It’s a choice.

Taking ownership isn’t about guilt or shame. It’s about starting where you are with what you know and have, claiming responsibility and being accountable for you.

Taking ownership isn’t about self-condemnation or reliving painful times but using those moments to reveal any issues that might be holding us back.   

Now instead of denying the truth we allow it to become the teacher that inspires and instructs, the compass that points us in the right direction. The issues that once kept us stuck now are the very ones that can free us.

When I decided to declutter my home, I first had to own the beliefs that created it.

I had to confess that the majority of the stuff came from impulse purchases in a poor and expensive attempt to fill a void, or because it was on sale, I was bored, I saw it on Pinterest, or I just needed to get out of the house.  Home Goods was my kryptonite and a sale justified the cost.

Acknowledging all of this then opened up the door to seeing the real reason I was accumulating stuff I didn’t need or even want. Knowing this now meant I could change it because knowledge truly is power.

This is how you make your past serve you instead of always being a slave to your past.

Taking ownership is empowering and requires complete honesty but it is here the shackles begin to fall off.

It also means reclaiming our self-esteem, future, today, confidence, dreams, dignity, freedom, joy and peace.

A fresh start, a new page or a blank canvas beings with saying “Hey that’s mine.”  

Taking ownership is taking control of your life and your future!

Sandra Hubbard

2 responses to “Hey That’s Mine”

  1. No it isn’t easy I totally agree. Being honest with ourselves requires a great deal of patience, mercy and grace. We tend to live in a world of finger pointing and blaming because taking ownership requires taking responsibility and that is hard to do but absolutely needed indeed. Thank you too for taking a moment to comment. I always appreciate your feedback!

  2. Excellent ! So good , Sandra ! Not easy, sometimes , but so needed and so right on ! Many of my bad choices in life I have blamed on my situation or others instead of going to the Lord and being patient and and being honest with myself ! Xoxo ________________________________

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