28 – We Manage Our Emotions

Welcome to Week 28 of our 52 Weeks of Chic!

This week we focus on managing our emotions.

Emotions are a beautiful gift from God that allow us to feel the richness of life. 

When managed, they can be powerful motivators but when left unchecked they can have devastating consequences. 

Emotions were never intended to be our advisor or guide and to allow them to do so is dangerous.

When I fail to manage my emotions choosing instead to ignore them, I attempt to eat them away with mindless snacking.

When I feel hungry, I’ve learned to ask questions before heading for the fridge. Am I really hungry or just upset and not wanting to deal with an emotional issue?

Some women shop, scroll, drink or jam their calendars with busyness in an attempt to avoid confronting their emotions.

But emotions left ignored will build up until they come bursting forth in an uncontrolled torrent of hurtful words, knee-jerk reactions or poor decisions based on fleeting feelings instead of facts and almost always followed by guilt, shame, regret and remorse.

This cycle will continue until we learn to manage our emotions. 

Unmanaged emotions can result in high blood pressure, weight gain, lethargy, depression, bitterness, ulcers from worry and anxiety, resentment, insomnia or brain fog. 

They can also kill relationships, drain bank accounts, divide families and separate close friends. 

Peter said “A man is a slave to whatever has mastered him.” 2 Pet 2:19 

Until we fully grasp Peter’s words we will always be managed by our emotions instead of being the manager of them. 

Emotions must be stewarded like our finances – with diligence, consistency and discipline. 

Paul wrote “Be angry and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, Eph 4:26

Paul acknowledged the emotion of anger and isn’t saying “don’t feel” it but control it instead of it controlling us causing us to sin.

Confront the emotion, process it, move through it then move on.


Because we cannot change what we refuse to confront.

How many women live in constant chaos that could have been avoided had she simply managed her emotions instead of allowing them to control her?

This week we focus on managing our emotions instead of ignoring them because our happiness, joy, peace, health and well-being depend on it. 

Sandra Hubbard 

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