If Not Now, When?

It’s too late. I’m too old. I don’t have time. 

These three reasons I hear often especially from women 40+ as to why they can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, haven’t so far and better not. 

Being a woman in her early 50s I get it because I’ve used all of them.  And what I know know for sure is they are all lies.

As long as you’re breathing, it’s not too late. 

Age is just the world’s method of keeping up with how long you’ve been here and only has the importance you give it. For me it means zip.

Time is plentiful. It’s how you spend it that matters.  

Most women will choose to stay where they are even if they’re miserable. 

Why? Because it’s familiar, safe, easy, comfortable and predictable.

It’s also a breeding ground for depression, remorse and bitterness. 

Here’s the deal. At some point the end season of your life will come.

Do you want to raise your glass in a toast to a fabulous life well-lived filled with incredible memories or be saddled with regrets finally realizing the truth? 

The truth being that you weren’t too old, you did have the time and it wasn’t too late.

Yes life has its demands, bills, laundry, errands, chaos, obligations and responsibilities. 

It also has opportunities, possibilities, gifts and adventures if you look. 

Christ proclaimed “seek and you will find.”  (Matt 7:7)   So what are you seeking?

If you forgot your age, freed your calendar from distractions and time wasters and started today, what would you do or want? What would you pursue?

Where would you go?  Who would go with you and who just needs to go?

What would you let go of?  What would you start making your reality?  

What would be on your calendar and what wouldn’t?

If you don’t plan whatever is left of your life someone else will and you will not like the results.

So I encourage you to take a social media break, turn off the news, unfollow the negative and the divisive and block the Debbie Downers. “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Then get busy planning your next chapter of this beautiful mess called life.


Not when Covid is cured, the election is over, it’s not so hot, you get out of debt, find a man, get rid of the man you have, lose ten pounds, get organized, downsize, retire or get the raise. 

It’s not over and you aren’t done doing, having, savoring, exploring, laughing, connecting, dreaming, going, growing, seeing, experiencing, achieving or becoming!

Well, only if you believe the lies that it’s too late, you’re too old and you don’t have time. 

Sandra Hubbard 

Speaker/Writer/Transformation Coach

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So what is a Transformation Coach? I get asked that a lot actually. Well, she’s a personal trainer for your mind, body, spirit and soul!

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