For the Love of Self

There’s lots of talk about self care these days, especially with the current pandemic.

Caring for our bodies has become a higher priority as we’ve learned the importance of excellent health.

Bubble baths, massages and mani/pedis are beautiful forms of bodily self care.

But because we know the external mirrors the internal, we can’t overlook the self care of our minds and souls.

Just like the foods we eat affect our physical health, what we dine on internally impacts our mental state?

So what are you mentally digesting on a daily basis?

Does your morning consist of quiet moments of gratitude or poring over the controversial and mostly negative daily news that emotionally drains you before the day even begins?

Do you spend hours stewing over social media posts formulating your response?

What are you reading and listening to? Does it energize you, inspire you, frustrate, sadden or anger you?

Who are you doing life with? Are they tranquil or toxic? Do you love being with them or dread their presence?

Are you consumed with unresolved hurts, unhealed wounds, anger or bitterness? Ulcers, aches, insomnia and lethargy can often be traced to something going on inwardly.

Because, here’s what I know for sure.

We can scrub, exfoliate, pretty up, paint and polish ourselves to perfection but if we neglect our internal worlds it’s all in vain.

Clean up your internal world and your external world will clean up itself.

Today I encourage you to practice mental self care as well as caring for your body.

Nurture your mind, feed your soul, spend time with the inspiring and the optimistic. Talk kindly to yourself. Show her some grace when she needs it.

Purge and declutter your mental world, your associations and circle of influence.

It’s not being mean it’s being mindful and mature.

Because to truly benefit from self-care you must include all of your self – the internal and the external.

Sandra Hubbard

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