30 – We Maintain Our Mystery

I hope you’re enjoying the 52 Weeks of Chic Series.

This week we focus on maintaining our mystery.

Does it sometimes seem like the days when we didn’t know everything about everyone no longer exist?

Now with social media, it’s easy to find out someone’s political opinions, favorite shows, frustrations, dinner choices and well pretty much everything else. 

And while this isn’t necessarily bad, is it necessary? 

At what point does it all become TMI (too much information)?  

I readily admit I love seeing and sharing pics of happy family moments, nights out with good friends, vacation photos etc – it’s called “social” media – a place to connect and socialize.

But what happens when social media becomes online journals, political platforms or a place to express unsolicited opinions? Where everything is public and nothing is private?

What is considered off limits anymore?  

Do you miss the days when you didn’t know quite so much about so many?  I do.  

And this week I am encouraging you and myself to maintain our mystery. 

Today we begin to view certain areas of our lives as sacred, private and meant only for our inner circle.  

We refuse to expose our thoughts and opinions or bare our souls to just anybody or the social media “masses” to be treated like cheap, dime store bargains instead of the priceless treasures they are.

There is something intriguing about a woman who maintains her mystery.

She possesses a quiet confidence, elegance and air of sophistication about her that leaves one guessing instead of wishing they didn’t know all of her business.

This week we maintain our mystery and practice intentional restraint in what we share and who we share with.

Let’s return to the social graces of our childhoods when certain topics of our lives and beliefs were private shared with only a select few.

Sandra Hubbard

Speaker/Writer/Transformation Coach

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