Why I’m Here

Recently I was asked to share the “why” behind The Chic Creative and here it is.  

Growing up in a sleepy southern town, I dreamed big and still do. 

Spending many dateless Friday nights perusing Glamour magazine only fueled my fantasy of one day traveling the world and escaping to the big city.   

My dream was to live like Audrey Hepburn but my reality was more Ellie Mae (there is nothing wrong with this. I simply wanted something different). 

Fast forward to adulthood and those dreams were replaced with obligations and responsibilities. 

Along the way life dealt harsh emotional blows and saddled me with fears, insecurities, frustration and bills, bitterness and resentment consumed me.

I spent years trying every self-help method available only to eventually return to my old habits and beliefs until I gave my life to Christ at 43. 

Later I asked God why self-help had failed me and here is what I learned.  

Self-help relies on self which is by nature flawed, moody, reactionary, fearful and weak and is unable to create permanent change.   

It is relying on self to heal self much like the blind leading the blind and both will “. . .fall into the ditch.”  Luke 6:39  

Self-help disregards the deeper needs of a woman’s soul, lacks depth and substance and fails to admit or acknowledge the necessity of spiritual guidance. 

Realizing this I began searching scriptural principles and quickly learned that when God’s Word meets faith-based personal development, it gets real!

In fact, my transformation was so shocking women started asking me “how?” which led to a blog then a business called The Chic Creative. 

The Chic Creative is my “thank you” to God for giving me what self-help couldn’t and that is healing and freedom.

I once believed the Bible was outdated so I never bothered reading it. 

That same Bible is now the foundation that supports my writing, speeches, courses I teach and coaching sessions.  

The mess that God transformed into my message is proof of the Bible’s relevancy, power and ability to do what self-help never could – construct a forever transformed life. 

This is my why. This is The Chic Creative. 

Sandra Hubbard

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