Why the Wilderness?

A friend asked me this question the other day over lunch. What’s the purpose of trying circumstances, heartache or pain?  

Between the bondage of Egypt and the abundance of the promised land spanned a dry wilderness, that place between who the Hebrew children were and who God was preparing them to become, a season to pass through but not take up permanent residence.  (Exodus)

The wilderness is a place of preparation for promotion not punishment. It’s where you witness firsthand God’s provision, power and faithfulness to do for you what you cannot do for yourself as you come to fully understand that He alone is your true source of happiness.

It teaches us to depend solely upon God to meet our every need, emotional physical, financial and spiritual, rather than depending on people or possessions because neither are capable of satisfying the deepest parts of our souls. They may provide a temporary distraction from the pain but in the end will always leave us disappointed and empty.

The wilderness is life’s classroom taught by a Teacher who never condemns. You’ll ace some tests while failing others yet His love for you will not waver. It is unfailing and constant.

When you go through wilderness seasons you’ll discover His strength to carry you through your darkest days, His grace in your time of need and His arms to fall into and rest when you are exhausted. 

You’ll look back on your wilderness moments amazed you even survived fully convinced God was beside you through it all. That season that should have killed you only served to strengthen your soul and deepen your faith.

Along the way He bottled every tear you cried, carried you when you didn’t have the energy to take another step, opened doors you couldn’t and closed doors you begged Him to open not realizing then He was protecting you from a heartache that might have broken you. 

His love cannot be fathomed and thrives in a dry, lonely wilderness where little else can barely survive.

Why the wilderness?  What better place to experience God, grow spiritually and personally and prepare to receive His best so when it comes you will fully appreciate it?   And how much sweeter will those mountaintop moments be when you look down at the valley you had to walk through to get there?  

Your faith, the hope your story gives others, the unwavering trust you now have even as the rest of the world panics with uncertainty are the results of walking through a place called the wilderness.

Sandra Hubbard 

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  1. Karen Overstreet Avatar
    Karen Overstreet

    This is so profound and spot-on, Sandra. Thank you.

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