34 – We Dress for the Life We Want

Week 34 of our 52 Weeks of Chic begins with a confession. 

Since Covid began, I’ve spent most days in my gym clothes thinking “who’s going to see me?” which simply means “I don’t care and it doesn’t matter” but it does and here’s why. 

In the last ten years God has completely transformed my life and I ask Him often to provide new opportunities for The Chic Creative to reach more women with hope and inspiration.  I ask for adventures and experiences that will grow me personally and spiritually along with self-motivation to go after what I say I want from myself and my life.

But most days (even before Covid) my appearance hasn’t matched my request.  I’m not dressing for the opportunities I am asking for.  

While I’m confident God wants to grant me success, I didn’t want to have to make an effort and dress for it.  

Whether we are still working or retired, at home or in an office cubicle, how we dress affects how we feel about ourselves.  It just does. 

Dressing for the life we want is an expression of gratitude for the life we have now. 

Dressing the part of the role she wants is different for every woman so it will vary and that’s ok.  I’m still a work in progress because complacency can keep me in comfy clothes but I notice a complete mind shift when I take a few minutes to get dressed. 

Esther was just one candidate of many to hopefully hold the title of queen but the king didn’t just take one look at her in her peasant girl attire and declare “she’s the one.”  She made efforts in preparation for that moment. 

“Now when the turn of each young lady came to go in to King Ahaseureus, after the end of her twelve months  . .  the days of beautification. . . six months with the oil of myrrh and six months of spices and cosmetics.”

For one full year, Esther invested in learning to dress for the role she wanted and when that opportunity came she showed up looking like a queen.  The king “set the crown on her head and made her queen”  (Est 2:6-16)   

Before Joseph went before Pharaoh to interpret his dream, he “shaved . . and changed his clothes.” (Gen 41:14)

Until that moment Joseph was a prisoner in smelly clothes sitting in a filthy dungeon but when the opportunity for a chance at freedom came he dressed for it. He was then promoted from prisoner to second in command in the kingdom. (Gen 41:40)   

What if we began dressing the part of the role we envision ourselves playing and for the life we want?

I don’t know about you but I’ve been in Kroger or somewhere else and seen a woman beautifully dressed and admired her deeply. 

My “I don’t care, it’s just the grocery store” was her chance to dress up, feel beautiful and be prepared for any adventure or opportunity.  

When you think of the woman you want to become and the life you want to live, how does that woman dress?  What’s hanging in her closet? What isn’t?  What’s her signature style?  How would you describe her?

Not sure?  I wasn’t either so I turned to Pinterest and found ideas and inspiration to motivate me.  

This week let’s dress for ourselves (aren’t we reason enough?), in gratitude for the life we have, in preparation for the life we want and in pursuit of the woman we want to become.

Sandra Hubbard

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