35 – We Schedule Our Success

Last week we focused on dressing for the life we want. This week we focus on scheduling it. 

I’ve yet to meet a woman who didn’t want to do, be or have something.

She may want to lose ten pounds, cultivate new friendships, start a side business, make seven figures, self-publish a book, travel or strengthen her marriage. She might want to create new habits, get organized, get promoted or just get out of debt.

She’s not seeing the success she wants so she begins to berate herself. The internal dialogue begins of “I can’t do this” or “I don’t know how,” and both are incorrect.

She can do whatever she sets her mind to because she’s smart and savvy.

She isn’t seeing success for one reason only – she isn’t scheduling it.

The consistent action needed to get what she wants isn’t on her calendar or to-do list so it doesn’t get done or her actions are sporadic at best.

Here is what I know for sure.

It doesn’t matter how badly we want something, if we don’t schedule time to pursue it we will never see it become a reality.

Failure to plan is simply planning to fail.

It’s easy to allow obligations and the needs of others to bump our goals to the back burner, delayed and on hold. The end result is a desire never fulfilled, discouragement, resentment and eventually abandoning the goal altogether.

That time you had scheduled to go walk or go to the gym gets replaced with some “pressing” need someone has that 99.9% of the time could wait an additional 30 minutes and allow you to get your walk or workout in.   

We are called to be unselfishly giving but we’re also allowed to say “no,” or “now isn’t a good time” without guilt.

Those who love you will understand and those who only love you when you say “yes” won’t and that’s okay too. Scheduling your success is a quick and effective way to weed those people out of your life.

Another time thief is social media. Ten minutes scrolling becomes two hours down a rabbit hole that never ends. I know from experience.

Schedule YOU, your desires, goals and your life because if it’s not on your calendar it’s not going to happen.

So many of us are delaying scheduling our success until the laundry is done, the weather cools off, the tv show ends, the kids are grown, the grandkids are grown etc.  Everything’s on our calendars but us.  

And who wants to reach the end of her life overcome with regret at the dreams that went unfulfilled because she never made time for them, allowing everyone and everything else to take precedence?

The degree you’ve been wanting, your dream trip or your dream body, financial freedom, the life changing book or song you’ve wanted to write, the business, the friendships, success are all yours for the taking if you’ll schedule them.  

Whatever it is you want, get your calendar out and schedule it and unless it’s a true emergency, follow through.

Get what you want and get the self-confidence and tremendous personal growth that comes with it.

If you’ll schedule your success, you’ll see your success!

Sandra Hubbard

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