37 – We Surrender

This week we do something the world discourages and that is surrender.

Today we release ourselves, our past, present and future, our wounds, traumas and drama, relationships, finances, our physical and emotional well being, our jobs, callings, goals, dreams and longings. 

The world is telling us to hustle, slay, grind, go faster and obtain more which only leaves us defeated, drained and disillusioned.

Society associates surrender with weakness.

God sees it as a hallmark of strength, the place where the Potter can begin to mold the clay, the Artist can create His masterpiece and the Author can pen the most beautiful story.  

As children, we are told to be strong, don’t cry, rub some dirt on it, get up and get over it.  

Had society encouraged us to experience and learn from hurt feelings, failure or emotions stemming from trauma we wouldn’t still be carrying them years later. They may be buried but they are not hidden. 

They show up in broken relationships, failed marriages, insecurity, fears and anxiety.

They manifest in our health, are evident in our habits, routines, addictions, how we spend our money, our job happiness and even our faith walk. 

So many are pretending to have it all together because falling apart is seen as failure but tough talk doesn’t camouflage insecurities and fears, it just magnifies them. The toughest talker is not the strongest woman but sadly the opposite.  

Surrendering to God is a sign of courage.

It takes a brave woman to relinquish control and let God lead trusting Him day by day. It is the exact opposite of the world’s way which we know from scrolling social media or watching the news is clearly NOT working.

Breakdowns pave the way for breakthroughs and setbacks simply set the stage for the comeback.

Surrendering grants us access into His presence and ask us to be completely honest with ourselves and with Him.

You will never tell God something He doesn’t already know and could never present Him with any issue He cannot handle. 

God didn’t take the Hebrew children into the wilderness only to demand they grind their way to the Promised Land by themselves and in their own strength.  

He positioned them so He alone would be their Source of provision and protection. To me, it was an act of love in its purest form.

When someone is captured they are told to surrender by putting up their hands which means they must drop anything they are carrying. 

This is what it means to surrender to Christ.

As we throw up our hands, away falls our heartaches, sins, failures, unfulfilled dreams, broken relationships, shipwrecked faith and any toxic tendencies.   

Gone is the past and down comes the ego as we realize we cannot and are not expected to slay or hustle our way into heaven in our own strength but to simply surrender.

Our admission ticket into heaven has already been paid for on the cross.

So today we surrender, acknowledging our need for God, handing Him our hearts, dreams, children, relationships, health, jobs, finances and future. 

Sandra Hubbard  

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