39 – We Be Ourselves

We live in a time when knowing everyone’s business is simply a click away.

We can easily discover where they’re vacationing or dining, their relationship status, birthday and number of grandkids. 

We can find out their favorite sports team, political beliefs and their weekend plans.  Generally, there’s nothing wrong with that. 

I often say that success leaves clues meaning your success is in someone else’s success. And while her story can serve as your inspiration, it is not intended to encourage imitation. 

Inspiration never mimics someone else.

Imitation sacrifices your own authenticity and originality. 

Inspiration is a compass guiding you in the right direction. Imitation is conformity, trying to fit the square peg into a round hole. 

Anytime you are trying something new it’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, especially if they are successful at it. 

But if you aren’t careful you can lose sight of your own goal along the way becoming blinded by comparison, competition and envy without even realizing it. 

Trying new things will often bring any fears and insecurities to the surface.

When I first started my business I suddenly became fully aware of my shortcomings but instead of confronting then overcoming them, I ignored them then when that failed, I tried to mimic others I deemed successful.

In prayer God gently reminded me He needed me to be me (insecurities and all), not her. He already had her.

God is fully aware of our shortcomings when He asks us to step out and do the uncomfortable, challenging or spectacular.

He knew Moses suffered from a stutter and lacked strong speaking skills before He called him to go before Pharoah. (Exodus)

This week I encourage you to be yourself and be her unapologetically.  

Whatever your God given talents, pursuit it in the fullness of who you are, your voice, gifts, quirks, loves, style, callings and strengths.  

Don’t we have enough pressure on us already without the added stress of trying to be someone we aren’t?    

Let others be an inspiration but don’t become an imitation.   

It saddens me to see a woman forsaking herself to belong, adopting a fake voice, mannerisms and others’ beliefs in an effort to be liked and losing her identity in the process. 

I spent years trying to be anyone other than who I truly was, willing to conform rather than address my insecurities or risk rejection.  

When we stop trying to be anyone other than who we are shackles fall off, pressure is gone and a weight is lifted.  

Why?  Because in that moment we become at home in ourselves. We are now useful and available for God to use and that just feels good. 

God is not asking you to be her. He needs you to be you. Can you imagine if Paul tried to be David or Moses tried to be Noah?

So this week we commit to being ourselves with full authenticity, unpretentiousness and in the uniqueness and exquisiteness of who He created us to be.  

Sandra Hubbard 

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