40 – We Use What We Have

She was a woman in trouble. Deeply in debt and desperate for a miracle, Elisha the prophet asked her a simple but critical question. “What do you have in your house?”   

Looking around she saw ““Nothing there at all” EXCEPT “a little oil.”  2 Kings 4

Notice Elisha did’t focus on what was lacking but rather on what was present.

Why?  I believe it was for two reasons.  

Elisha needed her to focus on what was available, accessible and present.

Secondly, Elisha knew God intimately and had enough experience with Him to know that no matter how little she had, God could take it, use it and multiply it. 

He is that same God today.  If God asked you today “what do you have?” how would you answer? 

Would you began listing what you didn’t have or provide a full inventory of what you did, every skill, talent, resource, connections, experience, knowledge, gift and ability?

I once heard it said “Someone could take the cards you’ve been dealt and win with them.”  My losing hand is her lottery ticket.

The woman conversing with Elisha provides a step by step example of using what we have in faith to get what we need.

She had one thing, a little oil she presented to Elisha.

She was willing to swallow her pride and face her fear of rejection to ask for help. 

She was obedient and followed Elisha’s orders with no talking back, no making excuses, no asking ‘why.”  She simply did it. Obedience brings reward.

If God can create our universe literally out of nothing, rest assured God can easily use what you have in this moment (now matter how insignificant you think it is) and turn it into more. 

He is the same yesterday, today and forever and the miracles He performed in Elisha’s day He can do today.

So what DO you have?  

Sandra Hubbard 

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  1. Nice! Enjoyed this! God bless you!

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