41 – We Break Up

Breakups.  Every woman has endured at least one and in week 41 of our 52 Weeks of Chic we experience yet one more. 

Breakups can be excruciating as our tears flow and our hearts hurt. Saying goodbye is never easy regardless of the circumstances.

But there’s one breakup most women will avoid even if it keeps her stagnant, complacent or plateaued.  

So what is it she can’t walk away from?   It is her past and old ways of thinking, feeling and believing that’s stunting and sabotaging growth and success.

When I start working with a new client, we begin with a series of questions regarding her beliefs and experiences because I know the impact they are going to have, if they are going to propel or prevent her from achieving her desires.  

We can listen to sermons, read empowering books, take the courses and watch the videos but until we break up with our past and its lies, untruths, guilt and labels we will revert back to them without even realizing it.

We simply cannot create something new from something old.   A quality today cannot be constructed with cheap, shoddy elements of yesterday.

Yesterday’s story of “I’m not good enough” “smart enough” “thin enough” etc or “I’ve never been able to before so why will now be any different” “it’s just how it is” “it runs in the family” is sabotaging.

It keeps us repeating the same mistakes, attracting the same low quality friendships and relationships and starting the same goals over and over only to quit over and over.

Hear me now. If you are trying to create a new today using yesterday’s beliefs you are going to get yesterday’s results. Every single time.

This is why it is so critical to break up with our past, to take the lessons it has taught us and wave a final goodbye. 

The past can be a positive, phenomenal teacher if we are willing to look, listen and learn because it reveals cycles and patterns that hold the key to unlocking the future. 

We can’t change what we refuse to confront so this week we confront everything that’s holding us back. And then we break up.

If you’ve told yourself for years that“I can’t lose weight no matter what I do” then you will be right. You prophesied your outcome with your beliefs – your external is the result of your internal.

It doesn’t matter what diet you try, how often you exercise or starve yourself, your body is going to simply align with your beliefs of “I can’t.”

It is discouraging and exhausting. That’s why it is crucial to make a clean, permanent break from the past.

Yes I’ve screwed up, made countless bad choices and mistakes, failed, fell flat on my face and have regrets. It is what it is but Christ has set me free. To live in my past is to nullify the freedom of the cross.

So let’s say a final goodbye to the past and begin a fresh start with the present.

Breaking up is hard to do but that is when the breakthrough comes.

Sandra Hubbard 

4 responses to “41 – We Break Up”

  1. You are most welcome! I hope your day today is a great one!

  2. Thank you for reminding me. I needed it today

  3. I understand totally. Letting go is an ongoing process with a high learning curve. Some days the hurts feel small and others suffocating. It truly is a day by day experience.

  4. Machelle Bernheim Avatar
    Machelle Bernheim

    Needed to hear this today. I’ve really been struggling lately with old hurts. This offers food for thought in those areas.

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