42 – We Master our Emotions

Emotions are a natural function of processing life events and experiences. To live an unemotional life would be impossible and boring.

Moving robotically through such a glorious world would be a tragedy.

However, when not managed, emotions will totally wreck someone’s day, cause her to make poor choices, destroy relationships and ruin friendships.

Uncontrolled emotions lead to poor health, financial debt (due to emotional spending) and constant drama and chaos. But the good news is this does not have to be the case.

Emotions can be our greatest teacher and biggest motivator to bring about positive, permanent change.

But for our emotions to teach us we must be willing to confront the deeper issues that are begging to be acknowledged. 

99.9 % of the time emotions reveal areas of our lives that are lacking.

An excellent example is the spirt of envy, the wave of toxic emotions that arise when we see her getting, being, doing or having what we want.    

Years ago I walked into a restaurant alone for lunch. Sitting next to me was a table of women laughing and talking.

Immediately envy overwhelmed me followed by self pity as that’s what happens when we allow emotions to dominate instead of direct.  

At the time I was unsaved, insecure and had yet to learn how to use negative emotions to produce something positive.

Thankfully I’ve since learned that emotions can be the most powerful inspiration and catalyst for change and here’s how.

When you are overwhelmed with a negative emotion stop and ask your self “what is lacking in my life that is triggering this emotion?”

When I asked myself this question regarding that day years earlier in the restaurant when I felt such deep envy, I knew immediately what my life was missing and it was connection. At the time I was battling depression, loneliness and lacking a sense of community.

Knowing this meant I could begin cultivating healthy friendships, plan lunches and connect with others. Envy when addressed produced the very thing I was lacking.

Emotions are to be dominated not the dominator, the teacher not the tormentor. 

A woman controlled by her emotions is highly reactionary and prone to emotional outbursts over even the smallest of events. 

Negative emotions are unavoidable. I feel them often as I’m sure you do as well. It is normal with life’s highs and lows.

But when we allow those negative emotions to reveal what’s lacking, show us what it is we really want or even deeper matters of the heart in dire need of our attention, the negative emotion is positioned now to produce a positive outcome.

So, this week should something happen that triggers an emotion you’d rather not feel, ask yourself “what’s really behind this emotion and my response? What’s lacking, what’s needed or what needs to go?”

Powerful questions that require honest answers produce permanent change. Every single time.

Life drastically improves when we control our emotions rather than allow them to control us!

This week we assume the role of master of our emotions and no longer slaves under their rule. We take back our power.

2 Peter 2:19 says in part “you are a slave to whatever controls you.” (NLT) and this week we are no longer slaves to our emotions.

Sandra Hubbard

I hope you have a fabulous, highly favored week as we continue to welcome this incredible Fall weather here in the Deep South.

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