46 – We Celebrate With Style

In week 46 of our 52 Weeks of Chic we celebrate with style. 

People watching is a favorite hobby of mine. My friend who (before Covid) travels extensively loves people watching as well. 

Once while waiting on a connecting flight she noticed a well-dressed woman who stood out from the pajama bottom, sweatshirt wearing masses. 

My friend’s curiosity got the best of her so she walked up to the woman and asked her why she bothered to dress so stylishly while traveling and her response was a lesson in celebration. 

The lady shared that after going through a difficult season and some deep heartaches, she reconnected with God and herself.

For her, dressing well was a celebration of her life, an opportunity to express her gratitude for another day. It was an act of appreciation and self-care.  

As a business woman, she said that when she began upgrading her physical appearance, her business skyrocketed, her mindset improved and her confidence and revenues soared.  People treated her differently. She treated herself differently. 

Preparing for success begins in dressing for it, even if you are retired, a housewife or stay at home mom, because let’s be honest we act differently when we are dressed well. 

I spent years using the excuse of “I work from home so it doesn’t matter” which then became “I don’t care” and those are three words that will keep us from any growth or change.  

Because deep down we do care. 

I have heard women use these words so often but I have yet to meet one woman who truly did not care. 

“I don’t care” kept me out of shape, resentful, disconnected from others, stubborn, shabbily dressed, unsuccessful, stuck and unteachable.  

I used those words to avoid confrontation with others, hurt feelings and negative emotions.

“I don’t care” is a dangerous, deadly approach to life and eliminating this phrase from our vocabulary is the first step in a positive 2021.  

So this week let’s use style to express our gratitude for being alive, forgiven, redeemed and so loved by God.  

And, let me add that style and comfort can peacefully co-exist, it is not an either/or choice.  

It is also an act of preparation should the opportunity to be a blessing, a word of hope, a listening ear present itself. Be dressed and be ready, (2 Tim 4:2)

As a young woman, I remember my mom would put on lipstick to go to the Piggly Wiggly (yes I’m small town) and I would think “it’s just the grocery store.” 

But for mom, taking a minute to apply lipstick was preparation should she meet someone who needed encouragement, a kind word, prayer or advice as they shared their deepest hurts in the bread aisle.

Yes this happened often and still does and she’s always dressed and prepared should the opportunity arise.  

Had she been shabbily dressed and sprinting for the produce section hoping to go unseen,an opportunity to be the “light on a hill” that someone was praying for would have passed her by.

So this week we use style to celebrate and express our appreciation for past blessings, amazing todays and future opportunities!! We dress to be blessed and be a blessing.

Sandra Hubbard

2 responses to “46 – We Celebrate With Style”

  1. That is a powerful quote and holds such truth!!

  2. What a refreshing take on style. My friend Donna Barksdale had her own clothing line. I heard her say this: FASION IS SURFACE. STYLE IS DEEP. This seems to go right along with all of your well-chosen words. Thank you. I’m ready to face the day!
    Judy Moon Denson

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