48 – We Upgrade Social Media

With 2021 almost here, the remaining 52 Weeks of Chic are designed to help you prepare for a highly anticipated, exciting new year.

Today we begin by creating an elegant social media space.

Social media will always be either inspiring, encouraging and motivating or overwhelming, toxic and energy draining. 

Thankfully, we get to choose.

In 2 Kings 17:15  is a powerful Truth that reads in part “. . .  they followed idols and became empty . . .”  

The Israelites sadly became who they followed.

This scripture makes it crystal clear – Who we follow is who we become!

For social media to be beneficial, we must put defined boundaries into place.  

We do this by being selective in who we follow, engage and converse with. 

Social media feeds can leave us depleted if we fail to establish guidelines for what we will and will not tolerate. 

My personal favorite social media platform is Pinterest because it allows me to curate “boards” that align with my personal, professional, fitness, financial, travel and spiritual goals and values.  

Many of my boards are public while some remain private, a feature I love.  

These boards inspire me to live a healthy lifestyle, steward my finances, create sophisticated surroundings, grow my business, dress stylishly, embrace self-care, cook delicious meals and read encouraging quotes and powerful scriptures that calm my soul in chaotic times. 

I used to dread logging on to Facebook because it left me jaded, cynical and angry. 

Initially I believed I had to follow everyone I knew from my past and present. I don’t and you don’t either.  

Our online personal space is sacred and to allow just anyone in is costly.  

Let’s prepare for a beautiful 2021 beginning with cleaning up our social media feeds so they add to not steal our joy.

Today we unfollow the divisive, judgmental, criticizing, angry or mean, leaving only the positive, encouraging, kind, compassionate and clean.  

If you’ve never tried Pinterest, I encourage you to check it out.  

“The Chic Creative” boards are available so feel free to peruse them and pin from them as much as you want.  To browse them click here.

From enlightening quotes, powerful scriptures, delicious, healthy recipes, fitness challenges, style and beauty tips, clean, elegant spaces and dream destinations, pin anything that speaks to you and look at it daily, downloading positive images into your mental databank.

Social media will always be what we choose to make it.   

We can log off feeling empty or excited about the upcoming year, releasing what we cannot control and stewarding what we can. 

The choice is ours to make. 

Today we clean out, detox and upgrade our social media feeds. 

Sandra Hubbard


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  1. I absolutely love this. How do I un friend toxic people? I need to research this.

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