January Guest Post: Motivating Mind, Body & Soul

January Guest Post by Lisa Newman, Founder/CEO PerFit Body Training

Motivation is not a constant companion always promising to be available when we need it most. It comes and goes then comes and goes again.

However, when you feel your motivation slipping away away, be encouraged remembering it’s temporary.   Like a muscle that isn’t used loses strength so does momentum.

But when exercised, momentum like muscles regains its power.    

With the New Year now here there is a freshness and an invigorating energy is waiting on you even in a pandemic!

Finding your ‘Motivational Muscle’ begins by being constantly reminded of the desire and awareness that inspired you on January 1st to want to live a healthier lifestyle.  

You can then use this ‘New Years Resolution’ awareness made at the beginning of the year to continue making positive changes in your life, your body, and mind throughout 2021.

Think about what’s important to you then do more of it!      

Living a healthier life can be viewed either as a CHORE or as an extremely rewarding joyous JOURNEY.  

A philosopher once said “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

We know there’s a connection between the mind and body but instead of solely focusing on the scale or dreading an exercise session, we focus on the immediate payoff of feeling better after exercise which requires refusing to allow our minds to sabotage our success.

A common problem we face is that we view exercise through the lens of difficulty convinced that exercise is hard!

So just the mere thought of getting off the sofa and onto the walking trail or in the gym can make us tired.

However when we trade the belief of “exercising is hard” to “exercising is beneficial. It energizes me, clears the cobwebs in my head and gives me confidence in myself” suddenly we’re out the door ready to move.

You’ll be amazed at the difference this one pivot in your thinking will make.

One shift in the mind then leads to one action that leads to small changes that always add up to massive results.

By simply focusing on little, positive changes with your eating habits and performing exercises that will strengthen your body, maintaining the resolve and commitment you had on January 1, 2021 is much easier.

That being said, I want to offer you five powerful tips to encourage you to stay the course with your health goals.

          “Motivating Body, Mind and Soul” Training Tips

1. Whatever you do, do not give up. Even if you are not feeling any motivation today, or this week, do not give up!

2. Recognize any negative self-talk, which is really what is causing your slump. Just spend a few days replacing any negative thought with positive affirmations.  

3. Write ‘Exercise’, ‘TRAINING’ or ‘My Workout’ in as an appointment on your calendar. Schedule your success then show up for it.

4. Focus on your plan for one week or a month at a time such as 3-5 days cardio fitness 15- 35 minutes, 2 days of total body exercises 1- 2 sets of 10-15 reps, 4 days of core and stretches.  Write out your routine or hire a Personal Fitness Trainer to personalize a routine for you.

5.  Never underestimate the impact of getting or staying in shape.  There is a lot of life out there.  Be ‘LIFE READY’ for everything!

This NEW YEAR keep things in perspective. Flex your ‘Motivational Muscle’ by promising yourself that you will do something every day rather than nothing at all.

Lisa Newman
Lifestyle Health and Fitness Coach
Owner, PERFIT – Since 1992
“Building Stronger Bodies”

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