The Path to Elegance

This month we will saunter down THE PATH TO ELEGANCE.

For the next twenty-one days we will seek to add elegance into our everyday. 

Many think of elegance as our mother’s pearls and scarlet lipstick but today’s elegance is about much more.

Elegance is never impulsive but always intentional.

The woman living elegantly carefully and mindfully curates every area of her life from the thoughts she thinks, the words she speaks, even the manner in which cares for her body. 

Elegance is also reflected in her home, her style, her relationships and most importantly her heart. 

Elegance requires wise restraint practicing a Less But Better belief system.

It is evident in how we engage with others, spend our money and our free time. Elegance begins within our hearts making its way into our thoughts, words, actions and choices. 

Elegance is the result of practicing consistent stewardship as we show appreciation and care for our minds, bodies, homes, money, clothing, jobs and relationships.

Elegance is a state of the heart that leads to an elegant state of mind. Many believe it is just the opposite but it isn’t.

The quality of our lives is not determined by the quality of our minds as most self-help books proclaim but rather our hearts.

That is why we are commanded to “guard” our hearts “for everything you do flows comes from it.” Prov 4:23 Everything includes your thoughts, words, choices, actions and reactions, behaviors and beliefs.

Enjoying elegance in the everyday is simply being intentional with each precious moment we are gifted.

A few ideas to begin our journey on the Path to Elegance include:

  • Enjoy a mental diet of beautiful books and music. Clean up your social media feeds and Pinterest boards from anything that makes you feel broken, less than or depressed so when you do log on your mental intake is inspiring. 
  • Dine on life-giving foods until you’re pleasantly satisfied not miserably stuffed.  Set the table, light a candle, sit down, put away mobile devices, turn off the tv and turn on music you love that adds to the ambience.  And yes, do this even if it’s just you dining solo. Or 
  • Get dressed, make a reservation at your favorite restaurant and take yourself on a date, slowly savoring each morsel. You are worth dressing up for.  
  • Acknowledge others. Look people in the eye, smile and really listen to what they’re saying. Stranger or friend, elegantly engage. 
  • When shopping, purchase with purpose not impulsiveness. Invest in the highest quality you can afford without incurring debt. High quality doesn’t always mean high end labels. Many mid-price clothing lines are well made and when properly cared for will last for many years.
  • Rearrange a room or even just your decor accessories, paint a wall, declutter and create a space that feels fresh, current, elegant and new.
  • Speak on purpose.  Gossiping, complaining, excuse making or rumor spreading is not elegant. 
  • Think on purpose. I once saw a quote that read “if the words you thought appeared on your skin would you still be beautiful?”  
  • Post on purpose. If you wouldn’t want to read it don’t post it. 

Elegance can be experienced in many ways from fresh flowers on your coffee table to fresh ways of eating, thinking, dressing, speaking, believing, loving, engaging and showing up daily. 

This month we saunter down the simple, clean, inspirational Path to Elegance. 

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Sandra Hubbard 

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