The Final Story

I love libraries and bookstores. Do you?

One morning in my journaling a thought came to me.  Basically my life and yours are stories, books written over the span of our life times.  

What if someone told us that just like a library book must be returned on a certain date, our lives must be turned in, our stories coming to an earthly end? What would you fill the remaining pages with? 

2020 has exposed me to the brevity of life. 

One day I’m reading a social media post of a friend with their kids or grandkids, the next I’m seeing their obituary which often comes with no warning.  

James wrote “. . . What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” James 4:14 

So what if God told you that on “X” date your life story would be wrapping up, how would you want the rest of the story to read?  

Asking myself this meant taking an honest look at my attitude, my beliefs, habits and priorities. Would my pages be filled with all the reasons my desires had to be delayed until “one day when?”  One day when doesn’t exist. 

Would my story be an ongoing commentary of frustration, overwhelm, confusion or worrying about what others think?

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to aimlessly wander through my life only to come to the end of it wondering what might have been, who I could have become or the incredible experiences that were there just waiting on me to say “yes.”  

I don’t want my story to include hours wasted on endless scrolling, mindless snacking or impulsive shopping – all of which I’m guilty of.  I don’t want it to include page after page of angry rants, endless complaints and daily excuses.

When we think of our lives as books that must be returned at some point, time suddenly takes on new meaning.

Here’s the thing. One day all of us will be returning our books so to speak. So how will the rest of your story read?  

Will it read like a romantic love affair with life or a sad portrayal of wasted time, missed moments and unused opportunities?  We get to choose. 

Pick up your pen today and fill your remaining pages with a story you would love to read. 

I want to author a book that is about a woman who finally made peace with her past, learned to appreciate her body, can laugh at herself, is willing to fail often if that’s what it takes to reach her goals, is eager to try new things even when it’s uncomfortable at first and is remembered for making others feel valued, loved, heard and worthy.

This is your one story. Your only story. Your final story.  

Write it, then edit it ruthlessly as you go because when it’s over it’s over. No sequels. No revised editions. It is what it is. 

What will you fill the remaining pages of your book with?  

Sandra Hubbard

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