Bursting With Color

Welcome to this month’s TCC Guest Series post. Our Chic Guest is TCC Member Machelle Bernheim sharing her love for creating artistic, colorful floral designs in patio pots, urns and containers.

With the weather warming, we will be outdoors more. Today Machelle gives us 8 tips on how to create stunning container arrangements to enjoy through Spring and Summer.

Bursting with Color – Machelle Bernheim

My love affair with plants and flowers began early on.

Memories of time spent with my Papaw in his yard watching him tenderly care for his plants cultivated an appreciation for nature and beauty.

He taught me which plants required Spring trimming and which ones didn’t like Crape Myrtles,  which plants needed shade and which ones thrived in the sun as well as how to properly water them based on their needs. 

And while I enjoy flower beds around the home as they add much needed curb appeal, my passion is creating colorful floral arrangements in garden pots, baskets and urns.  

Here are 8 tips to help you create beautiful, colorful designs for your garden and patio containers.

  1. Where you place your pots is important as well as the size, a sunny area of shady spot. Larger urns won’t dry out as quickly and also allow the plant roots to really take off. 
  2. The plants selected for your garden pot should have the same needs to really thrive as they are sharing space.  They all need to require the same amount of sun or shade. 
  3. When selecting plants it’s also important to factor in the amount of water the plant grouping will need.  In the hot southern summer months, most pots will need daily watering. However if they feel wet to to touch, no need to water more. 
  4. Some flowers you choose may need a procedure called“dead heading” which is where you simply pick the blooms off allowing more blooms to replace them.
  5. Always select plants you find beautiful and just make you smile.
  6. Start with a statement plant such as a hibiscus to add a pop of color or perhaps a palm for height. Then begin layering other plants around them. I prefer geraniums, petunias, coleus, caladiums and begonias.  Even a fern or herbs you enjoy cooking with can be added.
  7. Then finish the design with a trailing plant that tumbles over the side such as potato vine or a trailing vinca. 
  8. Your patio can be a place of beauty, calm and colorful joy simply by strategically designing the contents of your pots and urns.  

Not sure where to start?  Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to assist you in creating a gorgeous, elegant collection of plants for your garden containers you can enjoy throughout spring and summer. Simply email me at machellebernheim@gmail.com 

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  1. Me too! I’ll be referring to it often.

  2. Thank you! Great info since I’m a novice gardener!🌻

  3. Sherrye LaCour Avatar
    Sherrye LaCour

    Perfect timing and great tips!

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