The Path to Beauty

This month we are strolling the Path to BEAUTY. 

We are going to focus on creating, seeking, listening, savoring, reading, feeling and appreciating beauty.  

We will begin this Path by defining beauty and it will be different for everyone. 

When you think of beauty what are the first 3 adjectives that come to mind? 

For me it is classic, sophisticated and edgy. By edgy I mean that little unexpected something extra that stands out.  I would also add elegant, timeless and interesting if I were to add three more. 

April will find us discussing beauty in great detail via videos and blogposts through April. 

We are going to discuss beauty in our skincare and makeup routines, our fitness, faith , style, surroundings and in our everyday lives. 

Our focus will be on cultivating beauty in our own gardens instead of peeking over the fence at her’s with envy while our’s is neglected, filled with weeds, thorns and excess. 

This month we will also look at beauty icons, past and present to inspire us and we’ll have a lovely lunch with a woman from the Word who embodies beauty.  

We focus on being inspired to pursue beauty but refuse to engage in the sabotaging emotion of envy and will discuss this in greater detail later.

You will ALWAYS find what you are looking for and this month we are intentionally searching for beauty. 

Beauty is fueled by our five senses and this month we will seek to taste, feel, hear, see and smell beauty.

Spring is the season of beauty and this month we are lingering on the Path enjoying the beauty around us. 

God is the Founder and Provider of beauty in nature, foods, surroundings, music, books and even womanhood. 

For beauty to be experienced externally it has to first be experienced internally which is our beliefs – the lens from which we view every second of every day.

I hope you will decide to embrace your beauty and the beauty around you just waiting to be enjoyed.

So, are you ready to walk the Path to Beauty? 

Sandra Hubbard

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