Spring Cleaning: Beauty Edition

This month we are walking the path to Beauty.

This includes our “beauty” routines – the morning makeup ritual that’s a part of our day.

As a former makeup artist of 25 years I’m going to share with you six Spring tips/to-dos to get the most from your makeup!

Now I focus on teaching women how to make over not only their faces but also their beliefs, bodies, style & surroundings, because these five components (Beliefs, Body, Beauty, Style & Surroundings) are having the most impact (positive or negative) on their daily lives.

Here are six simple, effective ways to upgrade your beauty game!

  1. Clean out your makeup bag. Empty it and wipe it clean. Toss any item you haven’t used, aren’t going to use, is broken, the color has faded, product has dried out etc.
  2. Cleanse your makeup brushes/sponges by soaking them in warm water with a few drops of Dawn then letting them air dry.
  3. Invest your beauty dollars in your skin care, a good primer and your foundation as it covers the entire face so quality is key.
  4. De-clutter, sanitize and organize your vanity area, drawers and cabinets so everything you need is easily accessible.
  5. Use what you have before purchasing any more products. I am preaching to myself here as well. Products have a shelf life and lose their potency and quality the longer they sit unused.
  6. Refresh your daily routine by investing in one pop of fresh new color this Spring whether it is a lip gloss, lipstick or eye shadow.

I hope these simple tips inspire you to get your glam on beginning with your beauty ritual!

A beautiful, blessed day to you all!

Sandra Hubbard

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