Fashion in 2021

As a Fashion Stylist, I’ve learned over the years that someone’s fashion purchases have typically been dictated by their current circumstances.  

Whether single, married, divorced, in school, raising children, working or retired, it dictates our wardrobe.  Where we live and what our climate is typically plays a part too.  As we go through changes in our life, our fashion choices also change.  

This past year with the pandemic was no different.  In the beginning, we thought it would be just 3 weeks of staying home.  

As time went on and we learned new ways to work from home and communicate with our family and friends, we started to focus on how we looked waist up on Zoom, Teams, and FaceTime.  

Pretty blouses and jewelry experienced increases in sales.  Not to mention the comfy slippers we all invested in.

As this pandemic starts to wind down, we look forward to getting out and seeing friends and family, attending events, traveling and going back to the office.  

We are once again looking for clues from the fashion industry on what to wear in the post-pandemic world.  The good news is that comfort and easy care continues to be the theme at the moment.  

Start by shopping in your own closet.  You probably bought some items last Spring that you didn’t have a chance to wear.  

Now is the perfect opportunity to review your wardrobe.  While stuck at home, some of us took advantage and started exercising. Others, like me, did not and we may have picked up a few pounds.  So, you may need to try on your favorite pieces again to confirm they still fit.  

Think about your current lifestyle.  Are you going to continue working from home?  Are you staying home to help your children or grandchildren with school?  Will you begin traveling again?

From there, start creating outfits just like you do when you are packing for a trip.  Be sure to identify the perfect pair of shoes and accessories to complete this look.  

Make a list of any items you think are needed to finish it off.  

Then, visit your favorite store or consult with a stylist to find what you are looking for.  

I would be glad to help anyone with this task.  For more information about me, visit

Sheramie Shore 

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