The Path to Power

The Path to Power

This month we will be walking the Path to Power. 

Power was given to us by the All Powerful. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and discipline.”  2 Tim 1:7

Power and fear cannot co-exist. Fear negates power leaving us powerless and convinced we “can’t” or “should’t.” 

But, what if we graciously received this power given to us and used it to transform our health and bodies, make over our mindset, revive our souls and even monitor our mouths so our words aren’t prophesying a future we don’t want?  

A powerful woman is definitely an extraordinary woman. She isn’t the loudest in the room who must be heard or seen. 

Instead she’s the one who exudes a quiet confidence speaking when she feels she has something of value to say that doesn’t involve gossip, rumor, criticism or judging. 

We are going to immerse ourselves in the potential found in Power then put it to positive use in our daily lives. 

We give our power away too easily sometimes to pleasing others, to the number on the scale, the success of our relationships or the approval and attagirl nods we receive.  

In May we will take back our power, take ownership of it, be grateful for it and use it for radical reinvention, change and even peace. 

Come along as we walk The Path to Power. 

Sandra Hubbard 

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