She Thought So

She was certain she wasn’t enough. But she was. Silently assuming the answer would be no, she never asked. 

She thought she didn’t know how, couldn’t or shouldn’t so she didn’t.  Believing it was impossible, she never tried.  

Every day she struggled against the current of destructive mental thoughts that threatened to drown her, her mindset taking a heavy toll on her energy.

But the day she learned that her thoughts like her emotions were determining her energy, everything changed!

Solomon wisely proclaimed “As a man thinks so he is.” Prov 23:7. We simply become our thoughts, walking out their prophetic influence.

A scientific study found that we have about 6,000 thoughts a day. 6,000 opportunities to boost our energy or rob us of it. 

Would we let 6,000 people come barging uninvited into our house every morning never leaving? Of course not. 

Not managing our minds is the equivalent of having 6,000 unwelcome mental guests storming in demanding to be heard!  It’s exhausting.

Perhaps Paul knew this so he told us to “take every thought captive unto Christ.”  If the thought doesn’t align with Truth, take it out with your trash. 

Have you ever awakened only to still feel tired due to anxious thoughts that played on repeat in your head all night long? I have. Many times.

I don’t know what it is you want from your life but I can tell you that being or having something new begins with thinking something new.

Your mind is a sacred space. Decorate it with thoughts that excite and energize you, awaken your imagination, embolden and empower you, honor and respect you.  Refuse entry to the rest.

Your daily energy level depends on it, literally.  

Because the quickest way to increase your energy is to decrease the thoughts that leave you achy, tired, confused, frustrated, angry and overwhelmed. 

Anyone can learn a new way to think including you. Will you? 

Sandra Hubbard 

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