Paring Down on Purpose

Let’s begin our stroll to simplicity at the beginning which is paring down on purpose.  

Because simplicity needs space to thrive, removing the excess is the first step.

Your stuff requires your energy. It must be dusted, washed, dried, organized, put away, folded and/or wiped clean.

Sounds exhausting doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

The majority of our energy is going towards caring for all that stuff we bought to make our lives easier.  Oh the irony!

Less possessions require less maintenance, energy(physically and mentally), money and time.

When you open a drawer, closet or cabinet and suddenly feel anxious or overwhelmed, that’s your sign it’s time for a pare down. 

The same applies for your pocketbook. 

Those multiple credit cards with different payment due dates require constant monitoring to make sure payments get posted on time, the card hasn’t been compromised etc.

Paring down to one credit card with one monthly payment is much more manageable.

Simplicity comes when we eliminate the excess, especially in our finances. I know this from experience. 

It’s hard to be productive, think clearly and focus when you’re suffocating in stuff.

And, most of the time it’s what we are holding onto that’s actually holding us back.

Excessive stuff in and around us causes sensory overload which leads to brain fog, confusion and exhaustion.

So today we start paring down on purpose holding onto what we really need and letting go of what we don’t. Because, the more you own, the more that own’s you.

But the Path to Simplicity doesn’t stop here. 

This month Nehemiah will be teaching us how to simplify our goals and to do lists, giving us a crash course in the dangers of “split energy.”  

Solomon will show us how to simplify our consumption levels and why doing so is necessary to our sanity.

Books, podcasts, sermons, devotionals, apps, social media posts and news reports can be consuming or transforming.

Consuming information but never using it for transformation is pointless. It’s the difference between being a hearer and a doer.

Consuming others’ toxic anger via their social media feed is poisonous and costly to our emotional health.

Paul will advise us on simplifying our daily routines while Daniel will introduce us to the role of discipline and excellence within simplicity. 

Let’s begin shall we? 

Sandra Hubbard

Author/Speaker/Master Motivator 

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