Healthy Competition

I’m not competitive by nature . . . with anyone else that is.  

The reason is because one day I realized I was competing for all the wrong reasons.  

Trying to prove my worth, gain validation and overcome deeply embedded insecurities kept me in unhealthy competition which breeds comparison, bitterness, fear and resentment. 

Comparison from competition keeps us on the dieting treadmill and often in debt trying to maintain a certain social image. Definitely not healthy or cheap.

The truth is your only competition is your last personal best. That’s it. 

Meaning that if you walked one mile every day for a week, walk a mile and half the next one.  

If you decluttered one drawer one day, go for two the next.  Forgive one person today then forgive two more tomorrow. 

Raise the bar.  But only your bar.  

Because if your bar is hanging next to “her’s” and you’re so engrossed in what she’s doing to have the life she wants, your life will never be what you want.   

Set your bar then set it again and again until you’re satisfied with your efforts and results.  

God’s not asking you to go after her dream, use her talents, have her personality, dress like her, do her job, have her family or her body. 

He is however asking you to be you. As you are. As He designed you to be.

So compete with your last personal best. Pursue your goals because you want to not because you should or ought to or to gain approval and validation. 

Simply Stated – We will never make progress in our own garden by peeking over the fence trying to recreate her’s.  Stay in your space, creating your own definition of beautiful simplicity.

Let’s focus on cultivating our own gorgeous existences free of the weeds and thorns of comparison by competing with no one but ourselves. 

Sandra Hubbard

Author/Speaker/Master Motivator 

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