Information Overload

Now that we have created simplicity in our surroundings and selected one desire to invest our time and energy into we are now going to begin limiting our information intake then take action. 

While I enjoy learning and appreciate knowledge, I have often fallen into the trap of consumption without transformation. 

What does that mean? 

Consumption without transformation occurs when we constantly consume information to inspire change but never apply it and therefore nothing changes.  

We read, listen and watch to the point of mental exhaustion and sensory overload. 

Knowledge without action is useless and pointless.

Solomon said in part “ . . . much study is wearisome to the flesh.” Ecc 12:12

Gaining wisdom is a form of soul care. “He who gets wisdom loves his own soul. He who keeps understanding will find good.” Prov 19:8.

But wisdom is only valuable and effective when put into action. 

Divine discernment is a must. It helps us separate useful, truthful information from opinions, speculation and myths. 

All information isn’t correct information so asking God for divine discernment is wise.

Some of what we read and hear may not be applicable to the season we’re currently in.  

Discernment let’s us know what to do and when to do it as well as what not to do. 

It’s not enough to ingest the information.  James says there are hearers and doers.

Hearers gain knowledge. Doers get results from applying knowledge.   “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” James 1:22

We deceive ourselves when we think gaining knowledge without taking action is all that’s necessary to transform us.   It won’t. 

Consumption without transformation is merely head knowledge. It’s knowing what to do but doing nothing so nothing ever changes.

Learn yes but then take action on what you learn.   

With that knowledge include action backed with faith, the truth and promises of God’s Word and daily communion through prayer.  

So, this week take time to curate and pare down your information resources, podcasts, news sources, etc. 

Limit your mental information intake to the one goal you truly want. Get educated, get encouraged, get empowered then get going with action until you accomplish your goal.

Because information will create transformation only when it’s followed with action. 

Sandra Hubbard

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