The Spam Life

Most of us have a folder on our laptops just for spam emails, those uninvited, annoying notices we get that we didn’t request.  

I think we also need a spam folder for our lives for anything that’s pointless, petty and purposeless. 

A spam folder holds the unasked for and unnecessary.  

Just like undesirable emails, life is no different.

Our laptops are equipped to save, delete, shift, command and control.  So are we. 

Save what matters, delete what doesn’t, shift when necessary, command the best of yourself and control your thoughts and emotions. 

Start a spam folder in your life.  Use it daily. Empty it often. 

Simply Stated – Enjoy the freedom you discover once you’re no longer inundated with the meaningless, unasked for, undesirable and unwelcome. 

Sandra Hubbard

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