The Path to Healing

This is your personal invitation to join me in August on the Path to Healing.

Many of us need healing in our physical bodies while others need it in the heart.

The world is full of perfectly healthy looking women walking around suffering from an unseen illness within.

Bodily pains, bitter divorces, childhood traumas, loss of a loved one, cruel words, shame-filled pasts, financial issues, rejection, betrayals, being the subject of gossip, judgement and criticism or battling addiction, there is no disease God cannot and will not heal. 

The Bible has so much to say about healing.  Christ is not only our Savior but also our Physician, Therapist, Counselor, Teacher, Psychologist and Friend. 

Healing whether physically or emotionally is available to all.

There is no sickness in your body, mind or heart that God cannot restore. We need not suffer a day longer.

I will tell you from experience that Christ healed in one moment what I’d spent years, time, tears, labor and money trying to cure to no avail. 

And with healing of any kind comes freedom, energy and peace.

So, I hope you will accept the invite and join me on the Path to Healing. 

Sandra Hubbard

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