Living An Edited Life

Ever feel like you’re suffocating in stuff?  Social media wants us to believe having more means success. It doesn’t.  It just means overwhelm, debt, clutter and drama.  

We think if we had this or we achieved that we’ll be happy. We won’t.

We buy more clothes, acquire more friends, go on another diet, jam our calendars with more activities and so forth yet we still have nothing to wear and still struggle with loneliness as well as our body images and self worth.

I lived this for years until one day I just reached a point where I was done.

Did you know “done” is a fantastic place to be? “Done” is where transformation begins.   You stop being a problem participant to a problem solver. You become proactive instead of reactive.

For me, I realized my need for all the stuff was actually a response to my fears.

I had a fear of missing out so I tried to do it all. I feared not having enough so I kept buying more.

My fear of rejection kept me in people pleasing mode which left me exhausted and resentful.  The fear of being alone kept me in toxic relationships. 

So, what’s the solution? 

Simply Stated – it’s editing our lives until only what matters most remains.

When I decided it was time to edit my life (and it’s an ongoing process) I began by asking myself one question  – “does this align with my vision of the woman I want to become and with the life God wants for me?”

Does this piece of clothing, this friendship, relationship, belief, book, idea, purchase, activity, label or space align with who I want to become?  

My answers became my compass guiding me into the next chapter of my story.   Yours will too.

Be honest. What needs to go?  What feels complete?  What’s run its course?  Then let go of everything until all that’s left is what aligns with the next version of you. 

The edited life is peaceful but not perfect. No woman is perfect and no one’s life is perfect.

Editing your life is an ongoing process because you change. What I loved and needed in my 40s has no place in my 50s.  

So edit, weed out, remove, release, reset, reboot and rearrange until your life begins to align with the vision of who you want to become. 

Sandra Hubbard 

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