Why Failure is Your Friend

The most unlikely path to success is failure. That’s not a typo.  It’s a truth.

Talk to enough people you view as successful and you’ll see they’ve had their fair share of failures. 

Why?  Because every road to success is littered with failure. And basically, if you aren’t willing to fail then you probably won’t succeed.

Failure will make you forfeit your dream or provide the fuel to fulfill it.

Failing isn’t fun. It can be painful but it can also be productive. Painful when we ignore the lessons failures teach. Productive when we let them transform us.

I heard a quote once that said “every successful woman is standing on a mountain of failures.”  She views failure as a stepping stone not a setback. That is a game changer right there my friends.

For years I feared failing because I thought it meant I was a failure so I avoided attempting any goal just to avoid the risk of failing. 

I mistakenly saw failure as who I was when in reality it was just an experience I was having.

Simply Stated – the only people failing are the ones not trying.

Failure is a numbers game. The more times you fail the better your odds become of succeeding. 

Fear of failure will keep you in a comfort zone that eventually becomes your prison cell.  I know this because I’ve lived it. 

I look back on my failures as proof of my resilience, determination and strength. I choose to view them that way. 

You get to choose how you define your failures too.

I’ve failed hundreds of times. I’ve failed at relationships, learning new skills or simply keeping my mouth shut when I should. But that doesn’t make me a failure at any of those. Just better at succeeding in them.

You see, we don’t just live and learn We also fail and learn.

Failure isn’t the opposite of success.   It’s the key that opens the door that leads to success. 

So get busy failing and over time you’ll be busy succeeding.  

Sandra Hubbard

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