The Meaning Behind the Name

I was asked recently about the meaning of my company name The Chic Creative and thought this was a fantastic question. 

Chic is pronounced SHEEK not chick like a cute baby chicken.  

Chic can be used to described fashion, surroundings or the essence of a woman. “She’s so chic” means a woman of elegant restraint. Her less is more approach to living oozes subtle sophistication.  

The word Chic has its roots in French culture and has evolved over the years to embody understated refinement in living. 

Chic isn’t labels, haute couture, snobbiness, vulgarity or excess.   It’s kind, unpretentious, authentic and simple.

Chic can be experienced in a penthouse or a small lake cabin because it has nothing to do with money or price. 

Some of the chicest women I know live it beautifully on a budget.   

Chic is the harmonious blend of genuine down-to-earthiness and an appreciation for life’s experiences and luxuries, big or small.

As a young girl, I could lose myself in magazines like Town and Country and Vogue. I still can.  A cup of coffee and a glossy magazine and I’m a happy girl. 

Most fashion/lifestyle magazines revolve around inspiring women to embrace being Chic in their own unique way, in jeans and a tee, yoga pants or a designer gown, whatever suits their fancy.  Chic comes in many styles and you get to choose yours.

Every woman is a Creative and is always creating whether she realizes it or not.  

We create meals for the family, time to spend with friends, budgets to pay the bills, home decor, our style and even our sense of self worth, moods, feelings, emotions, thoughts and desires. We are always creating. 

The Chic, Creative woman is a woman who creates her world with intention to reflect her unique tastes, personality, ideas and goals.  

One more thing I want to add that is probably the most important is this. 

In the world of coaching and personal development there is a disconnect between spirituality and everything else.  

As if we must choose to be spiritual women or sophisticated, stylish women but we can’t be both. We can. 

As a young woman I wanted to grow up and be like the women I’d see in the glossy magazine pages.  They looked stylish and cultured. They had knowledge and appreciation of art, travel and theater.

When I got saved at 43 I then wanted to become a woman who loved and served God daily. 

But I had such guilt around wanting anything else and thought I had to choose between serving the Lord and and having beautiful surroundings, style, possessions and experiences.  I don’t and neither do you.

I know now that we as women can appreciate and enjoy the chic, the beautiful and the exquisite and still be Godly women.  I think we are created that way by the Most Creative.

So yes we can love and serve God and still enjoy life’s luxuries big or small sans guilt.

The Chic Creative inspires women to live simple, healthy, holy, abundant, cultured and yes chic lives overflowing with creativity, elegance, style and joy. So there you have it – the meaning behind the name The Chic Creative.

Sandra Hubbard

2 responses to “The Meaning Behind the Name”

  1. Susan, thank you so much for the kind words. These is the kind of feedback that encourages me to continue writing, teaching and sharing. It means so much and again thank you!!

  2. Beautiful tribute and just how I feel. It’s so refreshing to have this blog and connect with women that think just like you❤️Thank you!
    Susan aka SuSu as a grandmother.

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