The Path to Freedom

Welcome to our final stop on the Path Series with perhaps the most important walk we’ve taken thus far. The Path to Freedom. 

We often hear “freedom isn’t free” and it’s true.  Freedom comes with a price but it’s worth every penny.

One of Christ’s main purposes was and is to set the captive free “so if the Son sets you free you really will be free.” John 8:36 NASB

Freedom is available to all yet much like the narrow path Christ mentions in Matthew 7, few find it. 

It’s a road with many twists and turns and requires complete honesty about exactly what’s holding us back and keeping us down.

It’s not fun to disclose all I needed freedom from and much of what I still do. But I intend to be as transparent as possible in this final Path series because I am talking to myself too.

We aren’t above each other but rather with each other doing life together.

Most of my bondage centered around one hard truth I had to own:  offense. I toted around YEARS of offense and as time went by I only became more easily offended. 

There were (and still are) plenty I need freedom from. But offense was the one that kept me in a spiritual chokehold. It sabotaged every effort I made to try to change.  

I also was bound by regret. Regrets are the bars on a jail cell. We can see beyond them to freedom but we can’t seem to get past them.

And there there was my self-worth which is a whole other story.

So we’re going to dive into all of this and much more.

If there’s any area of your life you feel stuck, suffocated or sick of, I’m here to tell you that you can be set free. 

So Invite your friends and let’s set out on this final path together.  The Path to Freedom.  

Sandra Hubbard 

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