No Regrets

Today on our path to freedom, we look at the roadblock of regret.

Everyone has regrets, myself included. 

We regret decisions we wished we hadn’t made, wish we’d been bold enough to make or said things we regret or we regret the conversations we didn’t have.  

I often wonder did David regret laying eyes on Bathsheba and the fallout that one decision caused? 

Living with “what if” or “if only” requires a lot of emotional energy and time. I know this now at 53 but at 30 not so much. 

And, if If I’m not careful even now I find myself recalling regrets of a past I cannot change. 

Neither can you. But we can change our present.  

I don’t want to end up at the end of my life regretting that I wasted time regretting (if that even makes sense). 

Each Christmas we watch my all time favorite holiday movie.   It’s Scrooge starring the late, great Albert Finney and is a must see!

In the last scene Scrooge realizes his toxic ways and wants his future to be different than his past. 

He gives a speech that I loved so much I printed it out and framed it for my office as a daily reminder to live in the moment and not in the regrets of yesterday. 

Ebenezer Scrooge said:  

I’ll begin again

I will build my life.  I will live to know that I fulfilled my life.

I’ll begin today, throw away the past and the future I build will be something that will last.

I will take the time that I have left to live and I’ll give it all that I have left to give.

I will live my days for my fellow men and I’ll live in praise of that moment when I was able to begin again.

I will start anew I will make amends and I will make quite certain that the story ends.

On a note of hope, on a strong amen.

And I’ll thank the world and remember when

I was able to begin again.

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    Nancy Fletcher Smith

    Wow! This is fabulous!

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