Fiction isn’t Fact

What is fiction?  It’s untruths, half-truths or just made-up outright lies. 

But when we read fiction like it’s true, we tend to build our beliefs and behaviors around it without even realizing it.

In the 7th grade, I was teased mercilessly by boys who thought poking fun at my body was an amusing form of entertainment.  

Their bullying behavior was dismissed by teachers who simply told me “boys will be boys.”  

I walked into womanhood with body shame inspired by adolescent boys who scribbled a body story across my heart that said “I’m not pretty enough, my body is ugly and only good for a laugh.” 

From then on I treated my body accordingly with crap food, neglect and harsh words. I took a fictitious story and made it my truth. And my self esteem, confidence and health paid the price.

That’s just one example of how fiction works.  

It’s not just around our bodies but also around our talents, value, ability to succeed and even our financial wealth. 

It’s adopting someone else’s value of us as our own.

It’s letting their leaving mean we aren’t worth staying for.  It’s allowing others to use us, overlook us and dismiss our feelings.

It’s making their mistakes our fault and their shortcomings our responsibility.  

Fiction is often based on a “real life” event but at the end of the day it’s still fiction and not true. 

It’s only true if we believe it which is what I did with a group of 7th grade boys’ words. 

They’ve since apologized and I’ve forgiven them but undoing the damage took a lot of time and work.

That whole story had to be rewritten with a completely different plot, meaning and ending. 

And that is exactly what God did and does.  He replaces fiction with the Truth that sets us free. 

The bulk of my issues stemmed from 7th grade bullying. Once God got a hold of the pen and rewrote that chapter, life changed.

How I cared for my body changed. Then a domino effect began.  

My self-worth and confidence increased.  My health improved. I talked differently, dressed and even fed my body differently. 

I discovered the boldness to take risks, embrace failure and walk away from unhealthy relationships.

And this became an exciting chapter in my comeback story. And it’s still being written.

Simply Stated – There’s facts and there’s fiction. We get to decide which to believe. 

Is there anything you’re believing about yourself that’s fiction?  If so, toss it and believe the facts instead. 

This is where you stop making their opinion of you your reality and no longer let your worth be determined by anyone other than your Creator.

The facts say you are a conquerer, an overcomer, so loved, redeemed, valued and worthy.

Because what He says in His Word about you are the facts. All else is fiction.  No matter what anyone says. 

Sandra Hubbard

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2 responses to “Fiction isn’t Fact”

  1. Thank you for taking time to read and responding with such kind words! Love you too and appreciate you tremendously!!!

  2. You are amazing and a true inspiration. Who would have ever guessed that such a beautiful, loving, outgoing women as you had endured torture as a young girl? I hope that they know the real you! Thank you for baring your soul to us so many times! Love you!

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