From Setback to Comeback

In my work I talk a lot about the comeback.  So much so a close friend once called me the “Comeback Coach.”  I hadn’t thought of myself like that before but it made sense.

It was a huge compliment because essentially that’s what The Chic Creative and the creative work we do in the School of Chic is all about – redesigning life in a way that invites simplicity, ease and fun.

Here’s what I know about creating your comeback.

It begins with a choice and a commitment and must be on your time and your terms. 

Most setbacks come with raw emotions that if not confronted will show up sooner or later in another area of life.

It’s tempting to simply avoid them but left ignored they can be debilitating. 

For years I ignored the hurt that resulted from childhood trauma and bullying. It showed up later in the form of excess weight, debt, toxic relationships, fears, low self worth, no confidence and cluttered surroundings. 

When I work with a client, we always begin right where she is in whatever season she’s in and we move forward from that point.

While I make it clear I’m not a therapist who assists her in overcoming issues from her past but rather a designer who can help her create her present and plan a future she can look forward to, I do want to hear her story.

The past is an extremely helpful tool in planning a comeback and can create an awareness that serves as a daily compass as she moves ahead.

The woman at the well met the Man who could fill a void she’d been trying to fill with many men. 

Jesus knew this and before He healed her He wanted her to understand exactly what she was about to be healed from, that deep void she thought romance and love could fill but never did.

Before offering her His living water, He took her past and made it the platform for her miracle.

Her five failed marriages and current boyfriend could never fill the emotionally dehydrated, desert-like emptiness within her.  His living water could.

Christ didn’t mention her setback to shame her but to set the stage for her comeback.  

Setbacks occur sometimes suddenly, others over a period of time. 

They show up in the loss of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, job loss, unexpected bills, undesired weight gain, chaotic surroundings – any event that blindsides us and leaves us gasping for air and overcome with emotions.

Only you will know when you are ready to get up and moving again – bouncing back from the setbacks of life.

And that is the only time you should. Not when others tell you to “get over it” “move on” or “let it go.”   

No doubt, 2021 has been a challenging year with so much going on around us.

But what if we choose to make 2022 the year of the comeback?

2021 has made it clear that “one day when” is not guaranteed.

Simply Stated – Let 2022 be THE year you dust off your dreams, make some plans that excite you, shake free from stagnation, turn off auto pilot and find renewed enthusiasm and fun in this glorious tapestry of life. 

You can choose to make 2022 the year of your comeback in your life, health, home, career, finances, marriage, relationships whatever you desire. 

This is your comeback and your choice. 

Sandra Hubbard 

aka The Comeback Coach 🙂

Not sure where to start planning your comeback or even how? 

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2 responses to “From Setback to Comeback”

  1. I was reading it recently and for the first time realized she went there not knowing He’d be there but He knew she would. He knew of her past and knew He could offer a better future but first she’d have to know it was possible. Oh my goodness, that was such an aha moment for me. I tried for so long to run from my past not knowing it could be used as a teaching point and platform for a brighter future. 🙂

  2. Sandra, I never thought about Jesus helped the woman at the well to see what she needed healing from. Give me eyes to see!

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