When Enough is Enough

As we wrap up 2021 I’ll be sharing some ideas, thoughts and considerations to ponder in preparation for 2022. 

Today it’s a priceless piece of advice given to me recently and it’s a game changer. 

Not long ago I was having on of those days. The kind where you get blindsided with hurt that feels like a sucker punch to the stomach.

I could feel the bitterness brewing in me. Bitterness is the most lethal of emotions. 

Ask Naomi, a Godly woman whose pain was so intense it warranted a name change from Naomi to Marah which means “bitter.”  

After allowing me to vent, my friend leaned in and simply said “you know, enough is not an amount. It’s a decision.”  I had to pause to really let that sink in. 

Simply Stated – Enough isn’t a mathematical conclusion or some exact number.

It’s a decision. 

My husband once jokingly said that if he ever wrote a country song it would be titled “You don’t know when you’ve had too much until you’ve had enough.”  

I’ve had moments of enough in my past to know exactly what that means. I bet you have too. 

For example, in 2011 I woke up one morning having had enough of feeling tired all the time with no energy and hating how I looked and felt in my skin.  

That extra 18 pounds to be exact that had lodged in my lower abs was my enough and I wanted no more. In that moment enough became a decision to change my lifestyle and my relationship with food and my body.

I journal – a lot. 

My journal is my BFF as well as my GPS. It holds my dreams, goals, ideas, loves and tears.  

At the end of each year I like to look back through the year and journal what worked well, what was beneficial and what wasn’t as well as what I want more of in the coming year and what I’ve had enough of and want no more.

Even if you don’t journal, what if you simply took a moment to write down everything in 2021 you’ve had enough of or want to see change for 2022? 

Perhaps it’s excess debt, negative social media, unwanted weight, unbalanced relationships, clutter, lack of boundaries, direction or goals.

This is how you start to make room for what you want more than enough of like energy, freedom, peace of mind, romance, fun, genuine friendships, confidence, clarity, adventure or travel. 

To fill your life with anything new you have to create space for it and partner with an Action Plan otherwise nothing changes. 

If we aim at nothing we’ll hit it every time.   

In next week’s post I’ll be sharing my process for setting my goals. It’s unconventional and doesn’t follow any goal setting formula (and I’ve tried them all).   

It works beautifully because it’s not centered on hustling, grinding, slaying or fixing what’s broken. I’m not broken. Neither are you.  It makes going after goals fun and we all need more fun these days.

It begins with acknowledging what you want more of and what you’ve had enough of.

When a goal keeps me awake at night with excitement, plays to my strengths, challenges me and has a higher purpose that serves something bigger than myself I know it’s the perfect goal for me.

So if as my friend said so perfectly “Enough is not an amount. It’s a decision” what are you deciding you’ve had enough of in 2021 and want no more of in 2022?  What do you want more of?

2022 planning has begun and it begins with asking yourself these two powerful questions.

Sandra Hubbard 

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