How I Set My Goals

I get asked often “How do you set your goals?”  And here is my answer.

First before I set any goal I get really clear on why I want to achieve it. 

If my “why” or reason for the goal is because someone else thinks I should I know it’s not the goal for me and I will eventually bail out on the goal. I know this because I have been there and done that. 

For example if losing ten pounds is your goal let it be because you want to not because someone tells you that you should. 

Goals ask you to commit time and energy so if your trying reach a goal you have no real desire to accomplish, then guess what?  It’s going to be a struggle.

Most goal setting models for whatever reason haven’t worked for me. 

One day out of sheer frustration I decided to figure out a process that would be simple, doable and fun. Because if it’s complicated, unrealistic or I dread it, it generally won’t produce results.

I begin with asking each goal FOUR questions. 

  1. Does this goal excite and energize me?  If the answer is “no” then I delete it. I know me well enough to know that if I get bored or lack enthusiasm I will eventually quit altogether.
  2. Does this goal require trust and dependence on God to achieve? If the goal is so easy I could achieve it on will power alone without any spiritual assistance I delete it.  When the goal requires God and I to collaborate and communicate regularly throughout the process our relationship grows stronger and pride does’t seep in. A lesson I learned the hard way. 
  3. Does this goal align with the woman I want to be?   At 43 I’d become a woman who was uncomfortable in her body, tired all the time and foggy headed most days.  I deeply desired to be an energetic, confident, focused woman who had a daily love affair with her life. My health at the time didn’t align with that woman at all. 

Poor food choices, emotional eating and an inconsistent fitness regime was my norm.  I needed His help because past experience made it clear sheer willpower alone wasn’t going to cut it.  I had meltdowns and wanted to quit but God always “stood by side and gave me strength” as Paul so eloquently said until the weight was gone . . . permanently. 

Who do you want be be in 2022? Align your goals with that woman.

My final questions is this.

4. Does this goal have a higher purpose

One year I set a goal of walking 100 miles for charity over the course of the year.  I could exercise, benefit a charity and learn the Art of Discipline.  

I bought new tennis shoes, downloaded the CharityMiles app and chose “Back on Her Feet”  a charity that helps women who’ve experienced set backs get back up and back in the game.  

An additional benefit I’d not counted on was my relationship with God deepened as my time on the walking trails was spent talking with Him, getting to know Him and finding a much needed friend in Him. 

There were many days I didn’t feel like walking but knowing some woman somewhere was counting on me motivated me when I could not motivate myself.

As you begin to plan your 2022 goals, dig deep, consider asking these questions then pursue only that which resonates within you, excites you and gives you joy just thinking about them.  

Maybe it’s just one big goal or a few smaller ones – as long as they awaken you to living, grow you and ignite a passion within you for you – go for it. 

This four part question approach has worked well for me but absolutely feel free to create your own unique approach.

Simply Stated – Goals are the path to growth, fun and adventure. What paths will you choose to walk down in 2022? 

Sandra Hubbard

If you aren’t sure what you want, where to start or how to set goals that energize and excite you, I can help.

I’ve been there and I know setting goals can be overwhelming.

Let’s make them fun instead!

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