The First 3 Days: January-Day 2

Today we look at the importance of our words and the role they will play this year because trust me our words will either make 2022 enjoyable or exhausting.

They will be life to us and those around us or the death nail on our goals, dreams, health, wealth, relationships, present and future. 

Words can make mountains out of mole hills or move mountains. We get to choose. 

The word mountain is often used to describe excess. We have mountains of laundry to fold, mountains of mail to sort through, mountains of bills to pay, mountains of emails to look at etc. 

But today let’s look at the unspoken mountains we seldom mention. 

Like mountains of anxiety, loneliness or confusion about what to do this year or how to do what you want to do like get in shape, grow spiritually and personally, rediscover fun, travel, get organized, network, the possibilities are endless.

Did you know we have a choice when it comes to our mountains?

We can either do what the Israelites did and circle last year’s mountains this year and complain to God and anyone who’ll listen yet never seek an alternative route around the mountain, attempt to summit the mountain for the spectacular view or confront the mountain head on. 

Or we can do what Christ instructed and speak to the mountain in faith and watch the mountain crumble. 

Let’s be honest. Option one is way easier.  Anyone can complain but only a few conquer. But we are called “more than conquerors” not complainers. Rom 8:37

For years I took the complaining route. Oh and while I was complaining I was also silently comparing, criticizing and competing.   At no time did I ever attempt otherwise because I feared the mountain more than I had faith in God. It is what it is. 

My mountains had become the crutch I leaned on and the excuse I used to avoid change or risk. I’d become comfortable with my mountains. They’d become a way of life for me. 

My mountains consisted of excuses, fears, insecurities, excess and offenses.  I’m just being honest. 

Then I read a verse that changed everything I believed about mountains. 

And though I’d read this scripture before it just didn’t register really til last year. 

Christ proclaims “Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted to him.”   Mark 11:23 

It’s a mountain moving mathematical equation. Words + Faith = Results. 

Could it really be that simple?  Christ must have known in advance the hearers of this sermon would wonder because He begins with the word “Truly” as in “I’m not lying ya’ll.”

So my curiosity kicked in. Is it really that simple? I needed to find out. 

By the way cultivating curiosity is one of the best ways to grow. 

When you become curious about your abilities, opportunities, what you could do and achieve, what your life could look like, life responds. But that’s for another post. 

So what would happen if I used the mountain moving formula giving by the Mountain Mover Himself?   

What if I confronted the mountain of excuses and fears that said “I can’t,” the mountains of offenses that kept my heart from healing and the mountains of excess I carried internally and externally weighing me down?  

I decided to find out and started speaking to my mountains each morning in prayer. Because the idea of spending another year circling the same ole mountains filled me with dread. That is NO way to live. 

At first the mountains didn’t budge, mocking my faith by refusing to move. 

But I kept talking and I started backing up my talk with action (works) and reminding my mountain how big my God was and over time mountains crumbled . . . just like Christ said.  

The more I talked the stronger my faith in God grew. I discovered a strength, resolve, boldness and determination I didn’t know I had.  

It wasn’t easy. Conquering is not for the faint of heart. 

I still have mountains but I refuse to live with them, befriend them, get cozy with them or make excuses for them. They are blocking God’s best and that no longer works for me.  

Do you have mountains?  Don’t circle them speak to them in faith, back it up with action (works which we will be talking about tomorrow) watch them crumble and clear a path for an incredible 2022!

Because, this mountain moving method prescribed by the Chief Mountain Mover works. Guranteed!

Sandra Hubbard 

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