The First 3 Days: January – Day 3

In yesterday’s study we learned that words plus faith moves mountains.  Today let’s look works and the role it plays when used correctly.

I like to call the works James refers to as “effective action.”  Here’s what I mean.  

James gives an excellent explanation of what happens when faith collides with works, using Abraham as a prime example.  See James 2: 14 – 26

Works is the third foundational piece of building a year you will want to remember.

Let’s say this year you want to lose ten pounds.  

You set your goal, pin some inspirational pics on Pinterest along with quotes to motivate you, buy new gym shoes, detox the fridge and pantry, sign up for body boot camp and are committed to your goal.

You’ve created a positive environment that supports your desire to lose weight.  However the goal is only accomplished when effective action begins. 

I’ve done everything above before in an attempt to lose 20 pounds yet I didn’t take effective action like consistently exercising and or make daily healthy food choices so I didn’t lose the weight.  

I used the hit or miss approach and always missed. I let my feelings be the deciding factor in whether or not I showed up for my goal and most days I didn’t “feel” like working out or eating healthy.

Consistency with effective action is key to achieve any goal or intention.

What is “effective action?” It’s simply any action that creates desired results.

Noah is told by God to build an ark. He get’s the details and instructions, gathers all his building materials and lines up help to make God’s command become reality.

But until Noah’s hammer meets the nail, the ark remains a plan on paper. It only becomes real when day in and day out Noah shows up and works on the structure. 

Set your goals, intentions or the word you want to define this year when you look back on December 31, 2022. Then take effective action that will transform them into reality.

Pray daily for wisdom, be purposeful in your words, tap into fierce faith then get busy taking effective action.

THIS is how you have your best year yet!

Sandra Hubbard 

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