Living A Styled Life

Welcome to the first Simply Stated of 2022! I love the excitement and anticipation a new year brings. 

Lately, I’ve been journaling a lot around how I want this year to look and feel. One word keeps coming to mind. That word is stylish

Recently, I was browsing in a boutique when a woman walked by who stood out in a beautiful way. My first thought was “I love her style.”  I notice these things.  Do you? 

Style is our unspoken language that speaks volumes about us.

It’s much more than fashion, beauty and home. It also includes behaviors and beliefs as well as actions, choices and tastes.

“Style” is defined as a manner of doing something; a way of behaving or approaching a situation ex: ”backing out isn’t my style”; a distinctive appearance or a particular design and as a verb – to design or make in a particular form.  

Whether we realize it or not we’re always styling our lives. The world we live in everyday is the world we’ve styled. 

Style is the first impression we make and a personal expression of what we love, believe, value and appreciate.

Throughout 2022 we’ll be exploring the art of living a beautifully styled life, from the sacred to surroundings, mindset to makeup, fashion and finances to friendships and fitness and so much more.

Just like rearranged furniture and freshly painted walls result in a completely different space, styling your life involves some purging, rearranging and shifting to create a new, fresh, updated feel.

You may only want to make a few simple adjustments or design a full remodel, totally reinventing yourself. The best part is you get to choose.

Are you ready to begin styling your 2022?

Sandra Hubbard 

2 responses to “Living A Styled Life”

  1. Girl thank you!! As do you!!

  2. Nancy Fletcher Smith Avatar
    Nancy Fletcher Smith

    Girl you got style!!!

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